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#21 Dr. Rona Cran - New York, New York: Modern American Poetry

June 11, 2020


Welcome to The Know Show. 

The Know Show is a podcast that aims to make sense of the world, one guest at a time. Hosted by former private tutor Hussain, we break down mind-boggling academic research and challenge authors on their work. 


My guest today is Dr Rona Cran from the University of Birmingham. Rona teaches amongst other things “Modern American Poetry”, which is also a centre piece of her research. You and I may know New York from the movies or shows, or even from a first impression after going there. The concrete jungle wasn’t always what we see today – and Rona helps us to see the alternative perspectives. I discussed with her various aspects of the poetry of New York, and how it has evolved over time in light of social and economic changes in the city. We talked about themes that appear in New York poetry like friendship, resistance and space.

As a fan of poetry, I absolutely loved speaking to Rona and I must say this episode is one of my favourites. I’m certain you’ll really enjoy it too.


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