The Know Show

#26 Dr. Oksana Gerwe - The Sharing Economy

June 29, 2020

Todays guest is Dr Oksana Gerwe from Brunel University of London. Oksana is a lecturer in international business and international marketing. She is one of the leading researchers in the field of the sharing economy – that being the model of business used by Uber, Airbnb and major tech companies. As you can all imagine, these companies have taken a bit of beating due to the covid19 pandemic and Oksana helps to explain why. We discussed all sorts of ideas and issues that face individuals who make a living from these businesses, and how investors and big businesses will respond to this shock. Oksana also shared with me her thoughts on how, from a business perspective, individuals and companies can pull out of these difficult times. Whether you participate in the sharing economy as a freelancer of small business owner, or you’re just an onlooker, you’ll really enjoy this episode.


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