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#15 Siân Prime - Creative & Cultural Enterprise in lock-down

May 4, 2020

 Today’s episode is for everyone who is interested in the creative and cultural industries. My guest is Sian Prime who is a practitioner in the world of creative and social enterprises. Her work has involved being part of the pioneering team at NESTA – an innovation foundation that converts bold ideas into real life solutions.

Sian is now Deputy Director for Goldsmiths’ Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. At Goldsmiths she teaches a number of courses including creative and cultural entrepreneurship and management of innovation. She is currently writing a book on her years of experience in the field.

In our conversation we explored many of the trials and tribulations facing people in the current climate, especially freelancers and those in creative industries. It is a really important conversation that needs to be had and I hope it leaves you with a lot of questions to explore.

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